what is 100 days?

The 100 day challenge is pretty simple,



draw everyday for 100 days for at least 6 minutes a day.

As simple as that!

but why 6 minutes?

Getting good at drawing is all about mileage! the more you draw, the better you are going to get at it.

and to make the habit of drawing consistently easier, we are going to tackle it in chunks.

Hence, the 6 minutes. when you are starting something new, the resistance of doing that thing is going to be pretty damn high ( remember the time you made

a new years resolution to exercise or get healthy!)

and that very resistance is what that stops us from doing that thing. 

but humans are learning and growing machines. when we expose ourselves to 

small chunks of those resistance on a consistent basis, we get better at dealing with it.

so thats what we are doing here, we are exposing ourselves to the habit of drawing everyday in bite sized pieces to turn it into a consistent habit.

and once something is a habit,

its easy to follow though on that


why do this challenge

1. to gain the habit of drawing consistently

2. to add mileage to your skills

3. to improve your skills in a rapid way within a short period of time

4. to create over 100 pieces of work that reflects your position as an artist.

5. finally, to grow as a creator by starting and finishing something meaningful

 Download the guides, calendar and prompt list 

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